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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Gathering

Three of us 
这次的约会还是一样! 少了Lin Lin 啦~~~ (不合群的小伙子)

Sweet couple ..Vicky & Hon .... heheh  all of us is waiting for they fast fast get marry lo ~ ^^v

another sweet couple ... Stella & Wayne ! Happy and Sweet ever ! ^^

Me and my handsome dear ! hohohohohooo

Babe Vicky and me 

Babe Stella with me 

best ji mui forever !! still got one Lin Lin ^^ 

After our dinner we walk around midvalley and the gardens.... at the end we decide go kuchai lama for try the 15cm tall tower ice (shop named - Pick-Me-Up) since everyday also saw ppl posted in Facebook... ^^ 

This is Taiwanese Ice Tower !! 15cm tall....... for my own comment is, this taste like Snowflake but mayb is the ice tower too tall feel hard to eat ... anyway its a good try for this ! awesome !!  


  1. wah...拖我下水... maybe u all marry 1st leh...

  2. yiii~~ u got read my blog 1 de woh~ hahaha .. waitng u la ~

  3. sure i got read la... haha... no write only mah... yesterday just wrote 2... lolx