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Friday, 20 April 2012

Daddy's Birthday Celebration

         Later will meet up my family at MidValley for celebrate my lovely daddy's birthday, so that in noon i follow dear go to midvalley. But he sure go gym and what I'm gonna do while he go gym?! Starbucks and window shopping is my best choice xD my mission today is wanna think what to gift for daddy ... hmmm~ @@  

         I seldom gift a man present,and don't know what a man need! aarrghhh ~~~
         Arrrhaaarrr ......! I get it , I get it !  BELT is the best gift for daddy ... hahhahahha after dear finished his gym we straight to aim my target to find out this gift ... hmmm, what kind of pattern belt daddy will like? what color daddy will like ?  ~~~~~ haiya ,what i bought my daddy also will like it !( i think =p) so i choose Braun Buffel .....
Hope my love daddy will like it .. ^^ 

                 So bad that my 2nd brother cant attend cuz need working >.< he is the most busy man in family, wish he will join us next time .... 

Happy Family  

Dear with me and my parents 

My Love Parents

Cute Daddy and me ... wish u healthy healthy and happy happy !!!  

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