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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

K session with my sista !

Sing K session with my love jimui gang ,but still left one Lin Lin .. >.< 

the happy and enjoy moment is after knock off can meet my jimui and release stress ...

I love all of u .. included Lin Lin too..... ❤

Stella and me ... 

I like sing k !! oh yeah ~~~~ 


Vicky and Clounie !

It's me !

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Times fly~~~~~~~~ 
it's turn to Katak Tan Boon Leong graduate... how wish i can graduate soon ! >.< 

early morning Qi Qi and Xian Gor bring me go BTS BBQ plaza having our brunch and then only go for Katak's graduate... cuz we knew that there is nothing to do if he haven out from hall.. so we not to early went there.. hahha xD

Gift him a huge DOMO ... :目

I love this color effect so much .. ❤

if i not wrong since one year never cam with Xian gor ~~~~ hahaha

Wish u all the best in ur future , my friend..... ❤

❤   ___   ❤

My pretty bestie!