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Thursday, 27 September 2012

17 .09 .12 Yuan Tzer's Birthday [The Hill]

之前都听过蛮多朋友介绍 The Hill,但从来都没有去过那里。。 ^^所以在他生日这天我决定到 The Hill 享用晚餐。。。那里的环境很不错!本人蛮喜欢的说。。。
那里是个不错聚会用餐的地方,也不妨到 THE HILL 一试噢!



Sashimi *Sake (Salmon) [ RM 25 . 00 ]

由于很挑食的我不吃牛肉,鱼也不大爱吃。。。 所以鸡肉都是我必点的餐食。。。
突然我很想吃汉堡包,就点了这 Yellow Monster  [ RM 24。00 ]

Pink Elephant [ RM  40 . 00 ]
很特别的饮料,混合了 Red Wine, Rum, Lemon Juice, Lemonade & Fresh Fruit Cubes。

Brontosaurus Beef Ribs [ RM 78 . 00 ]

Happy Birthday to my love .. and i wish him happy always and all dreams come true !
stay healthy healthy... Love u , baby ~ 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Malacca Trip in September wif Buddy

OMG .. I finalllllyyyyyy can trip with my buddy !! we had planned for our trip for long long time ago.. seriously after college life we all really hard to meet each others ! hmmm, it's too bad most of them can't join this trip .... so in the end just left four of us (me, Ellis, Orange and Dixon) go for the trip .....  

Before we go for our trip, me and my babies already well plan for our activities and schedule... hahaz we so excited and can't wait for this happy trip ..
   we search lot of yummy food that want to eat .. so this trip is all about FOOD FOOD FOOD !! aawwwww ~~~ 

Here we go ~ heading to Malacca lorrr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Our only guy in this trip xD and very professional driver for us !! 

Ellis Babe with me ~~ and my little blacky ! 

I keep laughing when saw this photo appear in my camera ! Crazy ppl in da car ~~
Oppa ELLIS style !

Trying Orange's hat.. izzit suitable for me??!! hehehe
hahahahz ...Plan to get one in jonker street if i find it .. 

Finally we arrival Malacca safety and let's start enjoy trip !

hmmm... izzzit Chicken rice ball must and first meal when in Malacca?  hahahahaz .. Everytime Chicken rice ball always first meal when I'm in Malacca ...

Four of Us ... happy smile n peaceeee !! 

Acting Acting ~~ lolz

Yes yess .... finally i get it, hot sun and feel like 'hair burn' .. haha so better buy a hat when walking in Jonker Street ........  

OOOOPPPPAAAAA  Gangnam Style in Malacca ! 

Best Cool Drinks in hot weather ! 

This is my first try  -  Durian Cendol ... it's taste good but for me i really cant to finish it .. too sweet !


Time to go our hotel for check in !! 

Very happy n enjoy the trip !

I Love Both of You !! 

Two little girls behind me ... waiting for check in !

Cam everywhere.. even in our hotel room also can cam .. hahaha

Let's capture some pics before we going out for the next plan.... ^^

Traditional Street vendors .. special feel ~~ hahaha

After our dinner, we go Jonker Walk shop shop , walk walk , eat eat  xD

Back in to hotel to continue our paarrtttyyyy night ! 
Dixon bring red wine for us but not for Ellis.. cuz she just can drinks Sparking juices .. hahahaz

we don't have bring bottle opener so we use another way to open it.. 

DAY 2 .........

Orange punya T-Shirt very nice .. i like this green monster ... haha

Our "ah gong"... keep our trip money .. thankiu ! 

We love Cendol .... yummy Cendol in Malacca town !

Shop in 三叔公 

Nadeje before our leave Malacca .. and we so crazy in Nadeje, all of us use cooler bag to keep Nadeje Cake back to KL.... 

Happy trip in Malacca .. full of delicious food and activities ! 
Enjoyable and Memorable trip !

i wish to have more trip with my buddy .. and i cant wait for it to meet them again !!!