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Friday, 3 February 2012

龙龙年 ^^

mommy and me <3

my family ! without Hoe cuz he need to work during CNY .. ;(

my dear cousin and nephew

wish Sasa happy happy n healthy in a new year !

my best best jimui !

my sister and her love 1... haha waiting for their wedding dinner ~~ hohoho

best gang come my house gambling n bai nian ~ hehehez

my lao po ~ <3

my gang !

babe Ellis

Orange very tall ! next time don wan stand besude her >.<

with 2best babe KEEP capture pic in Ellis room ^^

with pretty Ziying

my primary school frens ~ girls gang !

大合照。。。 好久不见我最爱的老师

美女们来张合照~ ^^


在新的一年里,祝大家开心乐龙龙 !!
财源广进,出入平安,开开心心,最重要的还是身体健康..... ^^

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