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Saturday, 13 August 2011

姐妹聚会 - 可荔和丝绮

Long time never meet up with Karie since we finished our Certificate ...

so miss the day three of us stay together, study together, and sleep together .. xD

This time she purpose came to KL to meet up Shi Qi and me ..

Drive alone from Muar to KL .. Im so happy that she came find us and next time don't drive alone cause too dangerous la ~ ^^

She just stay one night in KL only, so we plan to shopping ... lunch ... and dinner .. of course this xiao za bo likes to drink so she sure will go clubbing.. because i need to study for my coming exam so i din't join for the second party at night .. ssiigghhhh ~ xD [ can say that im a good girl so never go for drinks and club ] ;p

Shi Qi with me

Three of us @ Tokyo street

Me .. Karie .. Shi Qi

Karie and me ..

Miss u babe ~

Treat this drunkard drinks.. ^^

Friendship ever !

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