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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Farewell for my best friend - Dash

My best brother Dash is going to SG working in next week .. so that i organize a farewell party for him, but end up attended people just left Pao Pao & me, only two of us farewell for him..... im so sorry to him, im organize lose .. haizzz but it's ok , my ji mui Jean is join us to Butter and she invite lot of friend come join too ... very thanks they joining us .. if not only three little kitty going Butter @_@ and we had lot of FUN ! yeah ~~~~ 

I will miss u much my bro ~~ wish u all the best in SG .. promise u when i free n $$ sure i will find u there ya , since very near our country too.. hahahahaha  Take good care ya , keep contact ya ! ka cha !! 

long long time never went for night activities .. haha today special ~ my best brada Dash farewell !

Only three of us ~~ Pao Pao n Dash n Me !

But we have fun too .... and know lot of new friends ! ^^

Group Picture !! 1 pair couple leave early ..
Happy Friday Night and Happy To Know New Friendsss .....

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