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Saturday, 1 September 2012

KK Trip in August

KK i'm coming ~~~~~~~ 
Planning a trip with boyf for enjoy our holiday, so decide go to KK and meet his sis over there.. and i never been Sabah or Sarawak yet ! o(T.T)o 

Okay, Let's FLY together !! ~

Everyone can fly now ....... Air Asia is  great, and i can go anywhere !!! (if my money allow me to do it) ^0^ hahhaha

晨光。。。。 感觉很温暖!

到达 KK 的第一件事就是吃!由于飞机起飞的时间太早了,就饿着肚子到达目的地才享用早餐。。 

用过早点后,我们就去~~~~~~~ Crocodile Farm!

Taman BUAYA !!

Alligator leather handbag shop just in front of the main entrance ..

and it's very expensive price selling in this shop.. 

RM7,010.00 for one alligator leather handbag!! 
hhhmmmmmmmmmm .. for me I dislike to hold animal skin bag, and I feel very cruel...  because I have seen some of those animals being tortured and miserable picture and video.... 

Fresh crocodile eggs

Ticket Counter and Ticket Price  

RM10.00 for Adult (local people)

Before you take the vege put RM2.00 to in the box beside it..  

Put RM5.00 in to the box and then u can take the Chicken meat to feed Crocodile .. 

Crocodile Dancing ~~

Brush Crocodile teeth ~~~ 

wow! so dangerous ~~~~~~~~ 

Looks like a rat ??? ^^v

Long time never eat it ! yummy !

Okay, after Crocodile Farm we go for next station - Rasa Ria .
This is the best sea-view resort and very relax at there... we go for there relax and rest before to go our dinner...

Congkak Game  ....  did you know how to play it? hahaz  ^^

I'm PRO!!!! hahaz Dare to challenge me ?? >.<  


Salut Seafood Restaurant is my boyf favorite ! 
and before i came there he keep to describe this seafood restaurant how good how delicious how fresh their seafood ~ bla bla bla !! hahahhaha  so that i have full of  expectation in this seafood restaurant....  


me with the pretty sweet girl Teng Teng !

Naaaaaaaaaah ~~ share my Delicious Yummy Seafood Dinner !!! ^.^v 

WOWWW!!! It's very FRESH and  TASTY shrimps here .... And I start to MISS this yummy shrimps ! 


Second day in KK !

Keep shopping and tea time in my second day at KK .. very relax and enjoyable !

And Dinner at Upperstar Cafe in KK..

Upperstar Cafe's Menu

Very awesome decoration in this cafe ... and I love this feel and decor muchie!!

Every table also have a PC for customers to enjoy Online while having their dinner such like Youtube... movie.. drama ... video .......     .....

Our Table Number For The Night... 22

Me and my Love BoyF

Group Picture for the night !!! Happy Dinner Together .......~

Actually we planned to Movie after dinner but time not match our planned cuz  movie time is too late and need to wait for 2 hours and more ... >.< so that we go for game before we home.. 

Although It's not a very happy trip for me .......... 
but I'm very ENJOY pillow talk with my girls and I can't wait for it meet them in next time ~   !

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